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The V International Congress «Cardiology at a Crossroad of Sciences» held in conjunction with the IX International Symposium of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound and the XXI Annual International Conference «Cardiology Update» was completed in Tyumen Cardiology Center by 23 May.

The Forum drew in excess of about 600 participants from 34 cities of the Russian Federation and countries of near and far abroad. The Congress did not fail to attract the world’s best professionals from the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and other countries, as well as scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Tyumen to come together to address the global issues in cardiology that we are facing today. During three days cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, pediatricians and other specialists talked over the latest advances and problems of modern medicine, shared their experience, discussed prospects of international cooperation.

One of the most expected guests was the Co-President of the Congress, world-famous scientist, the real legend of cardiac ultrasound Professor Nelson Schiller, MD, FACC, FRCP, Chair of Cardiology Department of the University of California Medical Center (San Francisco, USA). Nelson Schiller is one of the authors of a manuscript “Clinical Echocardiography”, very important book for every Russian specialist in cardiovascular ultrasound. “I’ve been travelling to Tyumen for more than twenty hours with two flights: San Francisco – Munich and Munich – Tyumen, but that was worthwhile, - shared his impressions Professor Schiller. – I see so many interesting people here! Besides, I had an opportunity, when driving from the airport, to have a look at your city – it is very clean, nice, with good roads. Listening to the lectures here, I noticed that everyone is using the same literature, our methods of treatment are very similar, and the thrust is in uniformity. Perhaps politically everyone is different, but in medicine it is exactly the opposite. We are united by one common goal - to treat our patients.”

The Congress-2014 was a great success and gained an overwhelming response. “Every year I come to this Congress with great pleasure. Being a practitioner I get a lot of advantages of this participation. It is a unique opportunity to obtain answers to many questions. Themes are always very interesting, - told Gennadiy Komar, cardiologist from Snezhinsk city (Chelyabinsk region). – I’d like to pay special attention on lectures of world-famous scientists Nelson Schiller and Eli Ovsyshcher. They know how to keep the audience's attention. It was like a performance. It is amazing when a speaker provides the most up-to-date information during his presentation. Sometimes it was a difficult choice for me what lectures to visit because it was impossible to attend all.”

At the second day of the Congress the literary-musical section “Diagnosis: Poet” was held. Doctors of different Russian cities presented poems and songs of their own composition.

Famous scientists also praised the work of the organizing committee. “In St. Petersburg we are envious how your Congress is arranged. For example: the event was not finished yet, and you have already released a movie about everything that has been happening here. It is an indicator of high-class organization, - told Yuriy Shubik, MD, PhD, Professor of Chair of Cardiology of St. Petersburg I.I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy, Head of the Northwest Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Arrhythmias at the Closing Ceremony. – Tyumen Cardiology Center was able to organize a forum that could rival its neighbours at first, and then has even outstripped them.” Yuriy Shubik chaired “School on Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Treatment” at the Congress.

For the first time doctors from the Crimea visited the Congress: surgeon of the Department of Invasive Cardiology and Angiology Maxim Minakov and cardiologist Maxim Glukhov (Simferopol, Crimean Republic Institution "University Hospital", "Center of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery"). During their visit to Tyumen specialists from Simferopol attended several high-tech operations in leading Tyumen clinics: Tyumen Cardiology Center and Federal Center of Neurosurgery. Main task of the trip was to exchange experience with colleagues, learn about the capabilities of Tyumen medicine, and discuss prospects of cooperation with Russian and foreign cardiologists.

The Congress continued its tradition and contained the contest of posters presentation, involving 58 studies of scientists from 16 cities: Almaty, Tashkent, Aktobe, Minsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Tyumen, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Ivanovo, Barnaul, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Chita.

The jury consisted of eminent scientists from Israel, Moscow, Tomsk and Tyumen. Chairman of the international jury Viktor Todosiychuk, MD, PhD, Head of Functional Diagnostics Department announced the winners at the Closing Ceremony. The first place was given to the team of scientists and doctors from Tomsk, Research Institute of Cardiology, Siberian Branch of RAMS (authors: E.N. Pavlyukova, E.K. Tereshenkova, R.S. Karpov), who presented two reports devoted to diagnosis of heart changes in such widespread pathology as arterial hypertension. The second-place diploma was given to Tyumen Cardiology Center’s scientists (A.M. Soldatova, V.A. Kuznetsov, T.N. Enina, T.I. Petelina). The third place was given to the report of doctors of Yeltsin Ural Federal University (Sverdlovsk Regional Hospital No.2) and Ural State Medical University, Ekaterinburg (theme: “Influence of localization of left ventricular false tendons on regional myocardial function”, authors: K.R. Mekhdieva, Yu.A. Zinovieva, V.E. Timokhina, F.A. Blyakhman). The main tasks of the Congress have not changed for five years. They are to exchange experience between Russian and foreign specialists, to learn more about modern methods of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen collaboration between Russian and foreign specialists.

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