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Daniel Kalmanson, the pioneer in the field of Doppler echocardiography, made significant contribution to this technology and its application in clinical practice. In the sixties Kalmanson was supporting the search for noninvasive methods. His research and achievements in this field entailed a new cardiovascular understanding. In the nineties his works made possible carrying out of the first colour dopplerography. Founder of the French chapter of the Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Society in 1972, he was also Professor of Medical College in Paris, and, succeeding to Merrill Spencer, MD was elected as 2nd ICDS President in 1985. Academic distinctions and wide spread of Daniel Kalmanson’s concepts make him an outstanding scientific personality.


The participants of the DK Award Competition were young scientists (under 35 years) whose fields of interest are focused on research of the cardiovascular system through the development of ultrasound technology. There were total 9 papers in the competition. Five independent experts from different countries after thorough evaluation of scientific merit, originality and quality of the research selected only 5 abstracts for final part of the competition.

The Committee was so impressive that even experienced scientists admitted that it would have been a serious test for them. Moreover the young scientists had to deliver their presentations in English and they did it well.

The Committee was chaired by J. Geoffrey Stevenson (Seattle, WA, USA) and Colette Veyrat (Paris, France) and included the Panel judge members: Luigi Badano (Udine, Italy), Jaroslaw D. Kasprzak (Lodz, Poland), Natesa G. Pandian (Boston, USA), Simon Matskeplishvili (Moscow, Russia), Lee J. Frazin (Chicago, USA), Elena Pavlukova (Tomsk, Russia).

The winners of the past five DK Award Competitions, which started since the IX Congress of ICDS in 1997, were representatives of Japan, Chile, Brazil and Belarus. That’s why it is especially pleasant for us that this time the winner was Anna Kozhurina, MD from Tyumen Cardiology Center (Russia). Her report was devoted to the assessment of acute left ventricular wall motion abnormalities by limited hand-carried echocardiography in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Second place was awarded to Yana Syrtseva, MD (Novosibirsk, Russia) for her work “Comparative analysis between different tissue Doppler imaging methods on intraventricular dyssynchrony estimation before and after cardiac resynchronization therapy”. And another representative of Tyumen Cardiology Center Arkadiy Plusnin, MD took the third place for the report called “Assessment of LV myocardial function in patients with CAD and LBBB using dobutamine stress Doppler echocardiography”. All finalists received official acknowledgements and the winner also got the prize.




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