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EUROECHO 10, the Tenth Annual International Congress was held by European Association of Echocardiography in cooperation with the Working Group on Echocardiography of the Czech Society of Cardiology in Prague (Czech Republic) on 6-9 December, 2006. This congress is considered to be one of the Europes major scientific meetings, where leading specialists from many different countries discuss the latest researches and achievements in the field of vascular ultrasound. Professor Vadim Kuznetsov, director Tyumen Cardiology Center, and a post graduate student of Tyumen Cardiology Center, ultrasound laboratory doctor, Anna Kozhurina presented their joint work as poster presentation on limited hand-carried echocardiography in heart research.
Euroecho 10 has broken the record this year again with 2990 participants form different countries.

The next Euroecho will take place on 5-8 December, 2007 in Lisbon (Portugal).