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The results of the National Medical Chamber Award were summed up in Moscow. The Awarding Ceremony took place in the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions on April 18. The award, aimed at identifying Russian physicians who have made a special contribution to the development of national health care, was established in Russia for the first time.

Doctors, scientists and public health professionals fr om 67 regions of Russia participated in the contest, over 450 applications were sent. Director of Tyumen Cardiology Center, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Vadim Kuznetsov was recognized as the winner in the nomination "My mentor," wh ere contribution to the professional and personal growth was estimated. Young interventional cardiologist of Tyumen Cardiology Center Ivan Bessonov was also a candidate of the Award and was among the top three leaders in the nomination Career. All in all there were 73 contestants for the first nomination and 44 for the second.

In his welcome speech President of the National Medical Chamber, Dr. Leonid Roshal addressed the nominees: The idea of holding the contest was initiated by medical workers. This was neither an order from above, nor an event just for show. It is an urgent need of Russian doctors nowadays to be recognized and respected. Council of Experts and Jury of the Award included members of the Medical Chamber proposed by regional branches of the Chamber, and representatives of the Expert Community. And this is the key to an unbiased opinion and selection of worthy winners.

Vadim Kuznetsov was nominated by his pupils specialists of Tyumen Cardiology Center, who have reached significant results in competent medical care for patients with cardiac pathology and are successful leaders of the departments of Tyumen Cardiology Center today. Many specialists, who consider Professor Kuznetsov their principal mentor, work in foreign clinics, medical institutions of Tyumen region, Novosibirsk, Moscow. Thanks to his talent to create and educate, a generation of talented, motivated, caring doctors and scientists was formed in Tyumen Cardiology Center. Vadim Kuznetsov can discern good potential in young physicians and scientists, personally supports everyone, and always finds time for consultations and training of young doctors. He is able to inflame with his interesting perspective ideas, find incentive and motivation for the research that will further have high clinical and scientific value, conform to modern trends in the development of cardiac science.

Today pupils of V.A. Kuznetsov demonstrate their research results at domestic and international levels. Thus, the report of young scientist Nikolay Melnikov, physician of the Ultrasound Diagnostics Department of Tyumen Cardiology Center was acknowledged as the best at the World Congress Cardiostim-2012 held in Saint Petersburg. In 2014 the best report of this Congress was again prepared by our young doctor junior scientific researcher Anna Soldatova. With active support of Professor Kuznetsov a team of interventional cardiologists, who successfully combine operations with research work, was formed in Tyumen Cardiology Center. In 2013 his pupils interventional cardiologists Grigoriy Kolunin, MD, Alexander Pavlov, MD, and Ivan Bessonov, MD introduced such innovative high-tech interventions as transluminal balloon angioplasty (with stenting) for treatment of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, and renal artery denervation for resistant arterial hypertension.

Under the guidance of Professor Kuznetsov 18 Ph.D. and 5 habilitation theses were defended, and another 5 Ph.D. and 7 habilitation theses are currently in the process of preparation.