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On 5 February 2014 the specialist of Ultrasound Diagnostics Department of Tyumen Cardiology Center Dr. Anna Kozhurina received a Certificate of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) which proves her competency to perform, interpret, and report routine transthoracic echocardiographic studies. EACVI Certificate provides formal acknowledgement to specialists and European recognition, governed by a scientific society.

Succeeding in passing several certification examinations Anna got high appreciation of world experts and became the third specialist in Russia who obtained the certification in Adult Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE). The exam preparation was not easy. All candidates participate in a selection process. Experience in echocardiographic research is the essential requirement. Each candidate for TTE Certificate should have reference of recognized experts in echocardiography and be able to speak and submit all documentation in English. Certification process has two steps: 1) theoretical part written examination: candidates who are successful in the examination proceed with the practical skills assessment, 2) practical part where candidates must submit an eLogbook of 250 transthoracic clinical cases they have performed. To obtain certification, candidates must succeed in both of the above steps.

Anna gathered and submitted materials demonstrating real every day work of Ultrasound Diagnostics Department of Tyumen Cardiology Center. Three independent experts of EACVI analyzed all data. We are proud of the results: the work of Tyumen ultrasound specialists fully complies with international quality standards. Anna told that preparation time was very intensive, she had to work hard to achieve such result. Of course, I was very excited the day before the exam, but my family and friends supported me and colleagues helped and gave professional advice. I thank them all! said Anna. The most worrying was waiting for the results, we received the final decision from the Committee only six months after the last examination. Anna is grateful to her mentor and research supervisor, Prof. Vadim Kuznetsov, Director of Tyumen Cardiology Center, who is a famous specialist in echocardiography. Under his leadership, Anna started her ultrasound career 10 years ago, and today she is absolutely sure that she had chosen the right profession. Tyumen Cardiology Center is a unique medical institution: almost every specialist here successfully combines practical and research work.

International certification in echocardiography is not the first achievement of Anna Kozhurina. In 2006 at the 15th World Congress of the International Cardiac Doppler Society she became the winner of Daniel Kalmansons Award competition for young scientists. (Daniel Kalmanson is an outstanding scientist, pioneer of intracardiac Doppler exploration, founder of the French chapter of the Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.) We are very proud of Annas achievement and wish her further professional success!