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frazin Infarction at 30 is not casus anymore [15:05 / 24.05.06]
Not long ago the infarction at the age of 30 was casuistry, but now it happens more often. That’s why there is an aroused interest in scientific elaborations which can help improving the quality of diagnostics and treatment of these diseases, says Deputy Director of the department of coordination of medical cooperation in Ural Federal district, Tatiana Nikolaenko. She said it to “” correspondent at the opening of the XV World Congress of the International Cardiac Doppler Society. As a hereditary cardiologist she believes that Doppler echocardiography, which is generally the main subject of the Congress, is the key to the modern diagnostics of diseases and physicians will learn a lot here, maybe even more than researchers will. “The times when diagnosis was made by looking into the patient’s eyes or by touch are over. One needs to know the basics of modern diagnostics. The success of the therapy depends on how competently and timely the disease was diagnosed”, - says Tatiana Nikolaenko.

frazin Dr. Timothy Timko: Tyumen Cardiologists do the same as American ones [15:12 / 25.05.06]
Ten years is not a long time, but it was enough for Tyumen Cardiology Center to manage angioplasty as good as in the USA, believes Dr. Timothy Timko, well-known American cardiologist. “Ten years ago they only started to learn making angioplasty in Tyumen, and now they do here the same as we do. They use the same equipment, same methods and technologies with the same results. On Tuesday I was present at few procedures and I can say that they were performed at the highest level. During my previous visits I have done most of the work, but now I just watch”, - said Dr. Timothy Timko during the interview with “” correspondent.

frazin “The first Russian” in ICDS [12:32 / 29.05.06]
The Board of Directors of the International Cardiac Doppler Society (ICDS) proposed Prof. Vadim Kuznetsov, Director of Tyumen Cardiology Center and the President of the XV World ICDS Congress to join the Board. Correspondent of “” was informed about it by Dr. Colette Veyrat, famous French cardiologist, member of the Board of Directors of the Society and one of its founders. Professor Kuznetsov will be the first Russian in the ICDS Board of Directors, - mentioned Dr. Veyrat.
Tyumen became the first Russian city to claim hosting of the ICDS Congress and was granted this right. The previous Congresses were held in Korea, China, Poland, Argentina, Hungary, Chile, Japan and other countries. “We didn’t know where Tyumen is, but we knew Professor Kuznetsov for a few years and he always presented brilliant lectures. We absolutely didn’t regret our coming here and we also were pleasantly surprised by the Congress organization level and your scientific achievements”, - pointed out Colette Veyrat. She says that first Russia was attributed to Asian section within ICDS, though it is closer to Europe. But the country is big, and may be that’s why it makes sense to create additional section, which CIS countries can join, says Dr. Veyrat.

frazin American doctors were impressed by Tyumen students [17:09 / 21.06.06]
In the letter received from Dr. Geoffrey Stevenson and Mrs. Andrea McBeth (Washington University, Medical Center and Children's Hospital) it is pointed out that the staff of the Tyumen Cardiology Center organized an extensive scientific program and provided gracious hospitality for all of the visitors. “The Congress was attended by cardiologists from around the world for the exchange of medical information and personal good will. The scientific content of the meeting was of very high quality, and provided many of us with new insights. The facilities for the Congress were contemporary and world class. The staff of the Congress venue were attentive and provided for flawless sessions”, - was written in the letter. “Also impressive was the extensive volunteer contribution of the students from the Tyumen University language program. They provided exceptional personal effort to the meeting in general and to the foreign visitors in particular. Their command of English was superior, and their enthusiasm un-matched. We have been to many international congresses, but have never experienced the type of volunteer spirit that the students brought. Tyumen should be very proud of their contributions, spirit and goodwill!”, - Dr. Stevenson and Mrs. McBeth said.